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Latest Podcast: Johnny Owens sits down with John LaRue of Talus Media

Missed the APTA’s Sports Section Team Concept Conference? No problem! Talus Media is bringing the conference to you, as host John LaRue sits down with ORS founder Johnny Owens to discuss how Blood Flow Restriction Training might be the next big thing. 

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Take a Listen: Johnny Owens on Heads N’ Tales Podcast

Johnny Owens speaks with Heads N' Tales Podcast about the ins-and-outs of BFR, how it got started, and who ought to be using it. Kevin Saum, the show's host, is so intrigued by the BFR research that he decides to try it out for himself. 

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Latest Podcast: Blood Flow Restriction Training with Dr. Mario Novo

Before joining Owens Recovery Science, Dr. Mario Novo worked as a research professor and a corporate physical therapist in Nashville, Tennessee. In this podcast he describes how his love for teaching and therapy equipped him to leave behind his corporate role and pursue a career in blood flow restriction training with ORS. Dr. Novo now works with several professional teams across a variety of sports, educating them on the mechanics of blood flow restriction therapy. He shares his insights here with The Movement Fix. 

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