A Blog About Protein!!

For those of you who have taken our course or listen to our podcast, you know quite well how important we think it is to have at least a minimum understanding of protein ingestion targets. Protein ingestion is quite complex in the end, so instead of trying to shrink this down into a digestible blog, we thought it would be a nice change to provide you with some resources for you to read, listen, or watch at your own pace.

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Manipulating BFR Parameters

In today’s Instagram world, an oft perpetuated myth is that the more complex and “cool” an exercise is, the more effective it is. These “circus bear exercise feats” are often followed by some word salad explanation that is very confident, and in effect hypnotizes the reader into thinking the author must clearly know more than the reader regarding exercise prescription. Well, the good news is that exercise does not need to be complex in order to create changes in muscle size and strength. In fact, the more complex an exercise, the more varied the adaptations or lack thereof may be. 

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Under Pressure ... BFR and Hemodynamics

The application of Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) is nearly a century old. Some of the earliest papers date back to the late 1930s. Much of the research on this intervention, and a large portion of the questions we receive center around safety. In previous blogs we addressed concerns around clots and dove more specifically into the implications for individuals with thrombophilia. In this installment, and as Kyle alluded to in the previous blog, we’re going to continue the safety discussion by addressing the effects of BFR on hemodynamics.

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