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Our Latest BFR Podcast

Listen to our Founder & CEO Johnny Owens talk with EIM about how Blood Flow Restriction Therapy works, who it can benefit and how he transitioned from full-time physical therapist to entrepreneur. BFR Therapy can help anyone from high-performance athletes to wounded warriors, and a wide variety of other applications.

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Schofield Barracks physical therapists learn blood flow restriction therapy

U.S. Army

On Sept. 29, Johnny Owens of Owens Recovery Service spent the day at U.S. Army Health Clinic --Schofield Barracks (USAHC-SB) Physical Therapy Clinic educating the providers from the clinic and the 25th Infantry Division about the game-changing injury recovery therapy called blood flow restriction.

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Blood Flow Restriction Training and Physical Therapy

Move Forward Physical Therapy

January 21, 2015: Improving strength is a typical component of physical rehabilitation after injury. But often standing in the way of all the muscle building necessary to recover from an injury is the injury itself.

While working at Brooke Army Medical Center, physical therapist Johnny Owens, PT, MPT, saw wounded warriors who needed to improve strength in injured limbs without further compromising vulnerable joints or soft tissue. So he and his colleagues began experimenting with a relatively new treatment method that’s gaining in popularity: blood flow restriction training, or BFR.

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