Jay Bernasconi DPT, OCS

15 July 2020

“In September of 2017, Ben Weatherford and the Team at Owens Recovery Science came onsite and certified all of our staff, (9 PT’s, 1 OT and 1 AT) in Personalized BFR. We chose Owens Recovery to lead us in this technology because in a review of the scientific literature, distribution of the personalized cuff system and ease of access- ORS were simply unparalleled in the rehab industry. There is abundant science behind the use of BFR in rehab and for our patients in need of collagen repair and strength during the early phases of postoperative rehab, BFR affords us the opportunity to retard muscle atrophy and promote baseline muscle tone in those patients who want to be advanced sooner. We have factually noted objective clinically significant girth and muscular recruitment gains in patients who utilize BFR in as early as 3-4 weeks when they adhere to the protocols.” 

     “Owens Recovery Science also excels at customer service in terms of helping us keep the Tourniquet Units operating properly and in being responsive to our questions. Further, Johnny Owens leads a team of clinicians who have responded to my clinical inquiries within 24 hours and always provides the scientific rationale and bibliography behind their responses. We are very appreciative of the ongoing relationship we share with Owens Recovery Science.”


Jay Bernasconi, DPT, OCS

Owner – Furnace Brook Physical Therapy