Stop the Muscle Dump!

29 March 2019

Johnny and the ORS Team discuss Anabolic Resistance or what happens during periods of disuse or decreased stress. Your patients are losing muscle fast and we need to look at effective strategies (such as blood flow restriction therapy) to slow down the muscle dump. Johnny also brings in Dr. Kevin Tipton, PhD, to discuss the nutritional considerations for muscle with healthy and pathological populations. Check out the full Podcast here to learn more about using nutrition to slow muscle loss during recovery.

Dr. Tipton Social:

Twitter @stirproftip
Physiology, Exercise and Nutrition Research Group Twitter, @PENRGUStir.

Alterations of protein turnover underlying disuse atrophy in human skeletal muscle…

One Week of Bed Rest Leads to Substantial Muscle Atrophy and Induces Whole-Body Insulin Resistance in the Absence of Skeletal Muscle Lipid Accumulation…

Two Weeks of Reduced Activity Decreases Leg Lean Mass and Induces “Anabolic Resistance” of Myofibrillar Protein Synthesis in Healthy Elderly…

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