Owens Recovery Science Podcast: Springbok Analytics

01 December 2021

In this episode of the Owens Recovery Science Podcast, Johnny and Kyle chat with the folks at Springbok Analytics about their new and truly amazing technology! Check out the full podcast here. 

* What does Johnny always say?
* What does Johnny’s Dad always say?
* What does Kyle’s Dad always say?
* Intro Joe Hart, Phd, AT and Scott Magargee, CEO of Springbok Analytics
* What is Springbok?
* Background on how it came to be
* NFL Hamstring Injury Study
* ACL Study in the DoD
* Springbok and BFR
* Springbok and their continued technological development
* Populations outside of the musculoskeletal realm
* Where did they get that weird name?
* A really cool patient education / buy-in tool

To learn more visit: www.springbokanalytics.com/

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