20 August 2020

In this episode of the ORS podcast Johnny and the fellas discuss a recent paper that has given additional support to the ability of repeated inflations of a cuff limiting muscle atrophy from disuse. Check out the full podcast here.

We go deeper into how passive application of BFR might affect outcomes in our previous podcast on Cell Swelling.

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Here’s the paper:

Kakehi, S., Tamura, Y., Kubota, A., Takeno, K., Kawaguchi, M., Sakuraba, K., Kawamori, R., & Watada, H. (2020). Effects of blood flow restriction on muscle size and gene expression in muscle during immobilization: A pilot study. Physiological Reports, 8(14), e14516.

Other papers referenced:
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What everyone wanted though…the squirrel story!!

Credit to FoolBoyMedia on free sound.org for the sound byte: