08 July 2021

In this episode, Johnny and Kyle chat with Dr. Jeremy Loenneke of the University of Mississippi about his BFR research. We cover a number of topics here. You’re sure to enjoy this one!! Check out the full podcast here.

Topics covered:

* Dr. Loenneke’s beginnings in BFR research

* The move of BFR into the clinical world and the many things that must be considered when doing so. And the chief need for large scale studies.

* What do we actually “know” about BFR?
* Hypertrophy
* Strength
* BP responses to high pressure
* Perceptual responses to high pressure

* Systemic effects of exercise?
* Proximal effects of BFR exercise?
* Cognitive effects of BFR exercise?
* Passive BFR?
* Aerobic BFR?
* Blood pressure responses to BFR?
* Muscle damage and BFR?
* Practical approaches to BFR?
* Dr. Loenneke’s new coffee maker! smile

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