Ischemic Pre-Conditioning

05 December 2019

In this podcast the guys take on the topic of Ischemic Pre-Conditioning. They discuss why it works and how clinicians might use it to aid their clients with their performance and rehabilitation needs. This one gets a little dense folks, but hang with us, we try to tie it up nice and neat in the end. Check out the full podcast to learn more about using ischemic pre-conditioning to aid in rehabilitation.

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Here are a few of the papers that we discuss…

One of the earliest papers published:

Mechanisms of action:…/79/3/377/610360

Windows of opportunity with IPC:

Systematic Review of methods:…icle-p4.xml

Use for recovery from intense bouts of activity / exercise:…7)30249-9/fulltext

Review paper on use in performance enhancement:…080?via%3Dihub

Jamie Burr’s Nocebo paper:…19-0290.xml