Hypoxia Can Help! Really, It Can!

01 April 2019

In today’s podcast, we discuss the role that short bouts of hypoxia can play to activate very powerful pathways and their potential medical use. In particular, HIF1A and VEGF that play a role in angiogenesis and possibly neuroprotection/regeneration.

We also have Drew Morcos from MOTUS Physical Therapy in California. We discuss his evolution to become one of the nation’s leading therapists for professional athletes, how he incorporates blood flow restriction training into his practice and our new partnership together with Air Jordan at the new Jumpman facility in LA. Check out the full podcast here to learn more about using hypoxia treatment for recovery in professional athletes.

To learn more about Drew Morcos/Motus:
Website: www.motusspecialists.com
IG: @motusspecialists
Email: [email protected]

Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor: An Essential Component of Angiogenesis and Fracture Healing


Hemodynamic and hormonal responses to a short-term low-intensity resistance exercise with the reduction of muscle blood flow


Low-intensity resistance training with blood flow restriction improves vascular endothelial function and peripheral blood circulation in healthy elderly people


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