Broaching the Subject of PBFR with a Surgeon

27 March 2019

Our team discusses the ever growing popularity of blood occlusion training in clinical settings including recent publications from Orthopedic leaders and its overall safety. We also interview Maj Travis Burns, MD, Chief of Sports Medicine at San Antonio Military Medical Center, one of the early surgeons to embrace BFR training post-operatively in the US. Lastly, we answer questions from our listeners. Check out the full podcast here.

Journal of Arthroscopy
Dr Brian Day commentary

Journal of Arthroscopy
Dr Robert LaPrade commentary

Techniques in Orthopedics Special BFR Edition…rrent_and.1.aspx

BFR for Pre-hab total joint replacements…882?via%3Dihub

BFR case series post-op weakness DOD…-201804000-00006

BFR case series Achilles Rupture DOD…7)30645-2/fulltext

BFR after knee arthroscopy DOD…-201705000-00002

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