Therapy Puts a Squeeze on Knee Pain

13 August 2021

“I don’t want to get (to) the next stage of my life with knee replacement surgery,” she said.

Traditional exercise at Specialized Physical Therapy in Asheville is part of her plan, so is something much quicker — less than 10 minutes.

The blood flow restriction training starts with what looks like a big blood pressure cuff.

“It’s kind of a crazy concept,” explained Taylor Leiby, physical therapist and clinic director of Specialized Physical Therapy. “We are applying a tourniquet and having them do a strengthening exercise.”

“It’s uncomfortable,” Harwood said. “But, instead of doing 20 or 30 minutes of knee exercises, it focuses on the therapy I need and the area I need.”

Leiby added, “We’re tricking her body into doing something that’s way harder than what she’s doing; that’s why the strength gains are so superior.”

“It’s like a 99.9 percent change,” Harwood smiled. “I don’t have a weak knee anymore.”