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Health Watch: Personalized Blood flow Restriction Training Application

17 December 2021

When it comes to working out, nothing beats good old fashioned sweat and determination but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for new, cutting edge technology. Jim Rixs explains how in this week’s edition of Health Watch.

We’re going to talk about a relatively new training app application called ‘Personalized Blood flow Restriction Training’.

What we know from research is that in order to build muscle mass and build up muscle, traditionally you have to utilize a resistance of greater than approximately 65 percent of your one-rep max in order to do so. So, a relatively high load in order to build muscle.

The dilemma has always been, ‘What do you do with someone who’s suffered an injury or has had surgery or has a condition where they can’t work with such a high capacity? And what do you do to preserve muscle loss and/or preserve muscle?’

So that’s where blood flow restriction training comes in.

We think that there are a couple of different ways this creates the muscle changes that we’re desiring. One is it increases muscle fiber recruitment. Another is that you create metabolic stress within the muscle by occluding the blood flow, you create a hypoxic state without oxygen.

The third is by creating this muscle pump or cellular swelling within the muscle. It creates the synthesis of protein development within the muscle which obviously is the building block to muscle growth.

So those three ways are the different metabolic conditions that occur within the body to create the muscle growth to occur with blood flow restriction training.

So most of the higher-end units have an actual doppler that monitors your blood pressure, monitors the amount of occlusion you have and that also needs to be able to monitor not only at the beginning of the application but also during the application itself because as you move.

Your pressures are going to change, so it needs to be able to monitor that and change the associated pressure to maintain that occlusion throughout the activity.