Owens Recovery Science Podcast: BFR and ACL Rehab : Pain with Luke Hughes, PhD

In this episode of the Owens Recovery Science podcast we chat with Luke Hughes, PhD about his work thus far in the field on the topics of ACLR rehab with BFR and how BFR influences exercise-induced hypoalgesia. Check out the podcast here.

You can find Luke on Twitter at @Luke_H04

Shout out to Brian Goonan, PT aka the Hops and Squats PT for the intro to our podcast today. You can find him on Twitter under the handle @TuneInToGoonan or on Facebook as BK Goon.

Credit to bigmanjoe for his sound clip “Dr. Dre style hip hop loop” serving as the backing track to our podcast intro. You can find bigmanjoe on freesound.org

If you have questions or a topic that you want to hear about, you can submit the topic or question through [email protected] with the subject line #podcast. If your question/topic gets selected, you can receive a free ORS shirt.

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