Owens Recovery Science Podcast: Jeremy Loenneke, PhD

In this episode, Johnny and Kyle chat with Dr. Jeremy Loenneke of the University of Mississippi about his BFR research. We cover a number of topics here. You’re sure to enjoy this one!!

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Owens Recovery Science: 2021 Memorial Day Podcast

This is our inaugural Memorial Day podcast. It's broken into 3 different episodes that will share stories of fallen brothers and sisters in arms in an attempt to honor their lives and help their stories live on. We plan to make this a yearly tradition in remembrance of what Memorial Day is all about.  

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Owens Recovery Science Podcast: BFR & IPC for Peformance, Rehab, and Health w/ Jamie Burr, PhD

In this episode Johnny and Kyle chat with Dr. Jamie Burr, Director of the Human Performance & Health Research Laboratory at the University of Guelph. During this podcast we discuss Dr. Burr and his lab’s work centering on ischemic preconditioning, and blood flow restriction exercise and how it can be used to address the exercise needs of the elite level athlete to person’s managing chronic disease like diabetes. We’re certain you’ll enjoy this chat!

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