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BFR and Soccer

In this Podcast, Johnny interviews medical staff members from MLS teams to discuss the application of Personalized BFR in soccer.

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Owens Recovery Science Podcast: Broaching the Subject of PBFR with a Surgeon

Johnny and the ORS Team (aka: Ben, Kyle, and Zac) discuss recent literature that's helpful with approaching the discussion of PBFR with referring physicians. Johnny also interviews Dr. Travis Burns to discuss BFR from the surgeon's perspective and talk about the early days of BFR at the CFI.

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Arthroscopy Journal Podcast

Dr. Mary Mulcahey, M.D. interviews Dr. Robert F. LaPrade, M.D., Ph.D to discuss his research article that was published in the Journal of Arthroscopy. Dr. LaPrade is recognized internationally as one of the top knee surgeons in the world and provides his thoughts on BFR use in post operative care.

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