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Ep. 75: Johnny Owens talks Blood Flow Restriction Training over a Hoegaarden

PT Pintcast

In this episode Jimmy talks with Johnny Owens a leading voice in the use of Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training. Jimmy has a Fat Tire Citradelic Tangerine IPA while Johnny has a Hoegaarden out of one of his wife's prized glasses.

They talk the science behind BFR, where it can be applied and what the future holds for it in clinical practice.

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Doc and Jock

In Episode 68 of the Doc & Jock Podcast co-hosts Doc Danny Matta and Coach Joe Szymanek sit down with cutting edge physio-coach Johnny Owens to talk Blood Flow Restriction and how he uses it with almost every professional athlete on the planet to reduce recovery times and increase performance. If you aren’t familiar check out this piece that ESPN’s Outside The Lines recently did with Johnnyhttp://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=espn:15162497 .

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Blood Flow Restriction Training: The Next Big Thing?

UpDoc Media

Several weeks ago I read an awesome story from a previous podcast guest. You might know her if you watch a little tv station called ESPN. The guest, Stephania Bell, told us about her upcoming baseball spring training tour and then she mentioned blood flow restriction training (click here if you want need a refresher). I already had an idea about blood flow restriction training (BFR from now on because I don’t feel like typing it out every time!) from thisarticle written by Stephania. Naturally, I had to ask her about BFR and the article. She summarized it well and mentioned “you need to talk to Johnny Owens.”

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