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Owens Recovery Science Podcast: BFR and Hamstrings with Todd Schroeder, PhD, MS, CSCS, FACSM

In this episode Johnny and Kyle chat with Todd Schroeder, PhD, MS, CSCS, FACSM of the University of Southern California. The fellas discuss how Todd go interested in BFR and how he has and continues to explore its effects on muscle!

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Owens Recovery Science Podcast: Talking BFR, ACLR and Muscle with Brian Noehren and Chris Fry

In this episode we chat with Associate Professor in the Division of Physical Therapy and the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at University of Kentucky Brian Noehren, PT, PhD, FACSM and Associate Professor Chris Fry, PhD of University of Kentucky in the Department of Athletic Training and Clinical Nutrition. Brian and Chris have a registered (ref. no. NCT03364647), ongoing ACLR trial utilizing BFR where they will be taking serial biopsies to exam what effect the intervention is having upon the quality of the muscle; something they’ve identified to be problematic in previous studies.

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Owens Recovery Science Podcast: Comparing Low Load BFR to Heavy Load Strength Training

In this episode the fellas discuss a recent paper in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports. The paper did a really nice job of refining the work of other authors to remove some bias and give a nice picture of what has been shown thus far as it pertains to the comparison of BFR w/ light weigh to traditional strength training via heavy load.

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