Course Information

Course Cost: $650 Per Clinician

CEU Credit: 8.5 Contact Hours for PTs/PTAs and 8.5 EBPs for ATs

This is a one day course from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation (PBFR) is a paradigm shifting intervention for the rehabilitation professional with hundreds of peer-reviewed articles in the scientific literature. By applying a tourniquet briefly and intermittently to an exercising limb you can induce significant and substantial strength, hypertrophy and endurance changes while using a very light load. By attending this one day training course for PBFR training, clinicians will:

  • Translate the physiology behind mechanical tension compared to metabolic accumulation training and the downstream effects.
  • Manipulate blood flow restriction protocols to create a local or systemic response within the soft tissues.
  • Differentiate limb occlusion pressures objectively for each individual athlete/patient.
  • Translate appropriate tourniquet safety measures to the outpatient/training room setting.
  • Recommend and implement a rehabilitation blood flow restriction protocol for patients after injury or surgery.


To ensure the safety of course participants and Owens Recovery Science (ORS) staff, all attendees are expected to comply with CDC guidelines and host site facility protocols when attending an ORS certification course, including the following requirements:

  • Practice proper hand hygiene by washing hands frequently for 20 seconds with soap and water or hand sanitizers.
  • Maintain social distancing by keeping more than 6 feet away from others when possible.
  • Wear a face mask which covers the nose and mouth.
  • If you are experiencing signs or symptoms consistent with COVID-19 including but not limited to fever, cough, shortness of breath or have recently been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19 please do not attend the course.

Course-specific information:

  • Each attendee will be provided with a disposable limb protection sleeve to avoid direct Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) cuff to skin contact. BFR cuffs will be cleaned after each use.
  • Community food tables containing snacks and beverages will not be provided. Please bring your own snacks and water.

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