23 April 2021

For those of you who have taken our course or listen to our podcast, you know quite well how important we think it is to have at least a minimum understanding of protein ingestion targets. Protein ingestion is quite complex in the end, so instead of trying to shrink this down into a digestible blog, we thought it would be a nice change to provide you with some resources for you to read, listen, or watch at your own pace.

Shameless plug!!! check out one of our very first podcasts, “Stop the Muscle Dump” with Kevin Tipton, PhD where we talk all things protein!

A comprehensive review that is good to have on hand is a paper by Rob Morton, PhD in BJSM. You’ve heard us no doubt recommend a daily ingestion of 1.6 g / kg of body weight for hypertrophy. This paper is where we gleaned that information. It’s open access; just follow the link below. (Morton et al. 2018)

A systematic review, meta-analysis and meta-regression of the effect of protein supplementation on resistance training-induced gains in muscle mass and strength in healthy adults.

If you like podcasts, Dr. Morton came on the “We Do Science” podcast to discuss the paper:

Episode 125: Protein Supplementation & Resistance Exer Training w/ Rob Morton PhD

Speaking of the We Do Science podcast, they’ve tackled this protein topic quite extensively. Below you’ll find a few of their other offerings that we’ve found quite helpful in deepening our knowledge.

Episode 5: Professors Stu Phillips and Kevin Tipton

Episode 18: Protein Nutrition and Critical Appraisal – Professor Kevin Tipton

Episode 24: Muscle Anabolic Potential of Leucine – Leigh Breen, PhD

Episode 34: Nutrient Priming & the Protein Synthetic Response – Lee Hamilton, PhD

Episode 67: Protein Ingestion & Muscle Mass – Professor Luc van Loon

Episode 98: Protein: An Update with Professors Stu Phillips & Kevin Tipton

Episode 110: Nutrition Support for Exercise Induced Injury with Professor Kevin Tipton

Episode 158: BCAA’s for Muscular Strength & Hypertrophy with Professor Kevin Tipton

Another podcast we liked that has since been discontinued is The Iraki Nutrition podcast. Luckily a few of their episodes are on YouTube.

Episode 39: Jorn Trommelen: Protein Distribution

Episode 43: Prof.Stuart Phillips: Sarcopenia

Episode 67: Professor Don Layman: Protein Metabolism

Episode 68: Dr.Shawn Arent: Nutrient Timing

And finally, if you prefer more of a lecture-style presentation with a slide deck, this presentation by Dr. Stu Phillips is quite recent and very comprehensive!

All Things Protein, Protein Synthesis and Hypertrophy – Dr. Stuart Phillips & Dr. Richard Mackenzie

Happy learning!! Let’s continue to make exercise more stressful and make sure we eat some protein. #leftbrisket