Use it or Lose it!

Anabolic resistance is an alternative term (maybe a better one) for disuse atrophy. Elaborating, anabolic resistance is the result of periods of disuse that signal skeletal muscle to waste away. This wasting is thought to be the result of both the amplification of catabolic signaling and reduced anabolic signaling. Understanding it's effects and how quickly they happen is the first step in finding a better way to address this problem.

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Performance Enhancement with BFR / IPC - Part 2: IPC in the Elite Athlete

Recently, the use of brief bouts of ischemia and reperfusion, often called Ischemic PreConditioning (IPC), has garnered a lot of interest amongst sports medicine practitioners and researchers alike as a method to augment performance. Briefly, IPC offers two distinct benefits across two separate time frames. The first window offers the potential for performance enhancement and occurs immediately following the application of IPC and lasts approximately four hours. The second window occurs approximately 24 hours following the intervention and extends through 72hrs post intervention. This window has mostly been shown to impact recovery following an intense bout of exercise.

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Performance Enhancement with BFR / IPC

At elite levels of human performance, the slightest improvement can mean the difference between winning or losing; within the tactical realm, it could mean life or death. Thus, a technique that can achieve increases in muscle size and strength with less overall tissue stress likely has some utility.

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